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How we can help you with guidance on legal and governance issues

Legal, compliance and disciplinary

As the national governing body for amateur golf in England, we provide support for around 1,800 affiliated golf clubs and over 60 county bodies on legal, compliance and disciplinary issues.

What We Can Do

  • We can provide you with guidance on legal and governance issues.
  • We can signpost you towards our preferred partners for legal support.
  • We can provide you with templates and support on updating your policies and regulations.

What We Cannot Do

  • We cannot provide clubs or counties with legal advice.
  • We cannot act for or on behalf of a club or a county in any particular legal issue or dispute.
  • We cannot make judgments or binding decisions on club or county level disciplinary matters.

Support for Clubs and Counties

Your Club Support Officer will be able to provide support and guidance your club or county in the first instance.

Legal Advice and the Legal Helpline

If you are dealing with a legal or governance issue our Governance Team would be happy to offer some guidance on the matter. However, our team is not able to provide clubs our counties with legal advice.

If your club or county body requires legal advice you are free to speak to your own advisors. However, all affiliated clubs and county bodies are entitled to use the England Golf Legal Helpline, which is operated by Mills & Reeve LLP.

Support for Individuals

If you require guidance on a legal, compliance or disciplinary matter then our Governance team would be happy to offer some assistance on the matter. Please note, however, that our Governance team are not able to provide members and individuals with legal advice.

If you require legal advice, you always have the right to speak to a lawyer. You can use the Law Society’s find a solicitor tool to locate a lawyer near you.

Legal Support

You always have the right to speak to a lawyer about your position. Individuals can speak to Citizens Advice for free.

Affiliated clubs and county bodies can make use of the England Golf Legal Helpline. The National Golf Clubs Advisory Association also offers legal support to golf clubs.

Disputes and Disciplinary Matters

England Golf has in place robust Disciplinary Regulations for complaints and grievances, but do not have regulatory power to impose decisions on clubs or county bodies in the vast majority of cases.

Find out things to bear in mind when you’re involved in a dispute or disciplinary matter.

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Buggies and Transportation

Clubs have a legal responsibility to make sure everyone can access their courses. We’ve got lots of advice to help you manage this.

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Data Protection

Data protection is something that affects everybody in the golfing community. Organisations need to make sure that they comply with all relevant data protection laws, and individuals should be aware of how organisations treat their personal data.

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Equality and Diversity

We believe everyone should have the chance to get involved in golf – at all levels and in all roles. Our equality and diversity policy shows our commitment to making golf an inclusive sport in England.

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The structure of England Golf

England Golf is a national governing body for amateur golf.

Find out about our strong relationships with golf clubs and county bodies throughout the country.

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