Marketing Plan


Before starting to market your club, it is important to understand what marketing is.

Here are some of the key ways in which marketing can help your golf club:

•Bringing more business
•Identifying the right people
•Putting yourself in their shoes
•Relating offers to their needs
•Making them an offer they can’t refuse
•Making it easy to do business with you
•Keeping in touch
•Measuring results

Put simply, marketing is all about seeing your business through your customers’ eyes. It is about understanding what they want, making sure you are delivering on those expectations, communicating the fact and ultimately selling them more or keeping their business.

Any successful marketing strategy must be supported by a marketing plan. Like any other parts of your golf club business - health and safety, finance, etd - it's about putting a process in place and following it.

Principles of a Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan sets out actions, dates, costs, resources and targets and how they can be measured.

These are the key areas which should be covered in any plan:

Where you are now
Know your members
Know your visitors
Know your competition
Define your objectives
Marketing tactics
Winning over stakeholders
Setting the budget
How it will be measured

Top tips for writing a marketing plan It is important when writing your business plan to make it SMART...

Specific: ensure that you set clear targets e.g. increasing membership by 10 per cent
Measurable: you must know if you have been successful or not
Achievable: are you being too ambitious. It is better to do one thing well then fail at many
Realistic: are you sure you have enough time and resource available
Timely: have you set a timeframe and is it realistic. Try and include various points at which you can review whether the plan is working or not.

Make it happen
In order for a plan to happen someone has to be responsible for it. Make sure someone, or a team of people, undertakes to implement it, or parts of it, review its progress and its success

Beware of the pitfalls
It is important to understand why marketing can fail so you can learn to avoid the pitfalls. Marketing does not work when:

•It is not SMART
•It is not easy to implement and overwhelms the running of the business
•There is no dedicated resource i.e. someone to make it happen
•There is no commitment form the key stakeholders
•There are no processes in place

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