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Celebrating young people who do something special

Hero's Handshake

The Hero’s Handshake is an initiative created by the Young Ambassadors designed to celebrate young people that have been doing something special. 

This can be a variety of different things such as;

  • playing their first round of golf
  • getting their first birdie
  • providing great volunteering support
  • helping your club promote the junior section
  • providing a young person’s voice on a club committee

Or anything that deserves recognition for all their hard work promoting the game of golf in their area.

It’s often difficult to find out about or celebrate the work these juniors are doing on a national level, which is why we need your help!

If you know someone who is spending their time helping out their club, county or golfing community and you think deserves recognition, we’d love you to nominate them to win a Hero’s Handshake. The Hero’s Handshake award is given out once a month so make sure you get your nominations in even if you’re not immediately successful!

You can provide your nomination using the form below: