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In association with the Golf Foundation

Young Ambassadors

England Golf is proud to work with the Golf Foundation and promote the work of 17 outstanding individuals who come together as our Young Ambassadors.

The team for 2020 come from a range of backgrounds and have a different story to tell about their pathway into golf.

However, they share two common bonds – a passion for the game and a strong desire to make sure the voices of young people up and down the country are heard loud and proud.

For all our Young Ambassadors golf is cool, golf is exciting, golf is fun.

They are here to help change negative perceptions about golfers and golf clubs.

Their overall aim is clear – to encourage more and more youngsters to get into golf, feel welcomed at clubs and develop a lifelong love of the game.

Here at England Golf, we’re proud to champion our Young Ambassadors and help them achieve their goal.

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The Hero’s Handshake

The Hero’s Handshake is an initiative created by the Young Ambassadors designed to celebrate young people that have been doing something special.

Hero’s Handshake

Meet our ambassadors:

Abi has graduated from picking up her dad’s golf balls at the range to joining in herself at Myrscough Golf Club.

The relaxation offered by a round of golf appeals to Abi who is dedicated to changing perceptions about young people in the game.

Her aim as a role model for others is to make sure juniors are fully accepted at golf clubs.

Abi credits golf with helping her deal with OCD and anxiety and is aiming for a career as a paramedic.

Ali’s golfing journey started when his dad encouraged him to pick up a club.

Now he’s an avid golfer, coach and volunteer and aiming for a career in golf.

A member at The Welcombe Golf Club, Stratford-upon-Avon , Ali enjoys both the social and competitive aspects of the game and is determined to change the perception of golf as an old man’s game.

Ali credits golf for boosting his confidence and organisational and interpersonal skills and is now giving back to the game as he tries to change some existing members’ negative attitudes towards juniors

Anya took on a putting challenge one day when out shopping with her mum and it sparked a love of golf.

Now a member at Eden Golf Club, Anya enjoys the peaceful nature of golf and developing playing skills.

From being bullied at school, Anya developed self-confidence through golf and now wants to inspire others to take up a sport that she believes does not deserve to be labelled as one for the rich and privileged.

As a Girls Golf Rocks ambassador, Anya is already making good her pledge to boost the numbers of juniors playing the game.

Away from golf, Anya is a talented bass guitarist and loves art, drama, singing and her role as an army cadet.

Ella is a member at Warley Woods Golf Club and dedicated to changing the stereotypical views of the sport.

Ella’s parents encouraged her to get into golf and she hasn’t let myasthenia gravis (a skeletal muscle weakness) hinder her enjoyment of the sport.

Ella also enjoys playing golf with her brother who is one of only six people in the world to suffer from the rare genetic disorder CNKSR2

As a young child, Ella rose above the playground bullies who picked on her for playing a ‘grandad’ game and is a passionate advocate of golf juniors and families alike.

Emily started playing golf aged 12 at Gaudet Luce Golf Club and hasn’t looked back.

The game has taught her the life skills of sportsmanship, respect and perseverance and the benefits of a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Golf as a way to enjoy family time and have fun with her friends (a second family) is a real passion.

As well as playing the game to a high level and making the England Under 18 development squad, Emily has devoted a lot of time to volunteer work.

She was awarded the Golf Foundation President Montgomerie Award as the Young Volunteer of the Year in 2017.

Hannah is a single-figure handicapper and junior captain at Meon Valley Golf Club having been encouraged by her dad to take up the game.

The social, competitive and health benefits inspire Hannah as does the fact that golf is a sport for all ages, genders and abilities. It’s NOT an old man’s game.

Hannah has worked her way up to the Hampshire Under 18 squad and is eyeing a golf scholarship in America in 2022.

Despite being diagnosed as a Coeliac sufferer aged 10, Hannah has not let it hold her back. She works weekends at Lee On Solent pro shop and away from golf she is a grade 1 piano player and lover of Disney.

As Walt Disney once said: “If you dream it, you can do it” – a motto Hannah now applies to life.

Having started out playing golf at a local driving range, Hope is now a member at Royal Norwich Golf Club.

Despite the fact neither of her parents played the game, Hope was soon hooked.

A passionate advocate of junior golf, Hope loves the fact that no two rounds are ever the same!

As well as playing the game and volunteering, Hope is interested in fashion design and photography and is aiming to study golf course management after leaving school.

Watching The Open on TV inspired Isabella to take up the sport and she now plays at Bowood Golf Club.

No-one in Isabella’s family played the game until she joined in and discovered she loved it.

The social, competitive and physical aspects of golf have Isabella hooked and she aims to encourage juniors to take up the game, enjoy the fitness aspects of the sport and make it more affordable for all.

As well as playing and volunteering, Isabella has a musical background and is an accomplished pianist, violinist and member of the National Girls’ Youth Choir of Great Britain.

Jessica fell in love with the game after her first lesson as a four-year-old and is now a member at Stoke Park Golf Club.

Her mission as a Young Ambassador is to encourage all clubs to be more welcoming as golf should be a sport for all

Jessica is proud of her bronze medal from the World Mini Golf Championships and would urge all girls to give it a go as a possible pathway into the game.

European Tour star Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston is a character who constantly inspires her and she would love to be a professional golfer herself one day.

Joel didn’t waste any time and started playing the game aged two!

He loves the social aspects of golf and the fact that anyone can play the top venues enjoyed by the game’s superstars.

Now a member at West Lancashire Golf Club, Joel wants to change the perception golf is a game for the privileged.

Having experienced some resistance from older members as he started out playing the game, Joel is keen to change attitudes to juniors.

Joel abides by the positive motto “don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”

Kai credits playing golf at Bedford and County Golf Club with boosting his confidence levels and inspiring him to help others.

Taking golf into schools is one of Kai’s aims as he tries to put across the view that golf is far from an old man’s game.

The challenge to improve is a real motivator for Kai who has developed life skills from playing golf. Once a shy kid, Kai now loves taking part in theatre and drama.

Kai’s motto for life is also perfect for anyone starting out in golf – ‘Never give up, always smile.”

Katie has her grandma to thank for getting her into golf at Northampton Golf Club.

She loves the social side of the game and is determined to change attitudes towards juniors in golf and encourage all sections of the golf clubs to play together

As a left-handed golfer, Katie longs for the day when right-hand golf gloves are easy to find!

In 2019, Katie enjoyed the thrill of being a scorer at the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles and celebrated as Europe’s women won!

Lily is a member at North Hants Golf Club and believes golf should be as popular as football and netball.

From being the only girl at her club, Lily stuck at it and helped encourage more girls to get involved.

Golf provides Lucy with an escape from other pressures and enjoys the benefits it offers for mental health.

Her attitude to life is to continually push boundaries and “do something every day that gets you one step closer to tomorrow’s goal.”

Niamh loves playing golf with her brother at Broome Manor in Wiltshire.

For Niamh, golf is a sport for everyone and is keen to promote the idea that juniors ‘don’t cause havoc!’

She is particularly keen to get more girls playing the game and promote the family-friendly nature of the game.

Despite suffering from scoliosis – curvature of the spine – Niamh has not let any associated pain  affect her golf or confidence.

A personal message given to her by LPGA Tour star Stacey Lewis – who also has scoliosis – has inspired her to help others.

Sam is crazy about golf and loves playing at Chesterfield Golf Club.

He enjoys the fact the handicap system means he could take on the world’s top pros and win – and then go out the next day and lose to a beginner!

Despite being diagnosed with epilepsy in 2019, Sam hasn’t let it hold him back and he worked last summer as part of the England Golf communications team.

Sam has also taken exams in the rules of golf as he develops a wider knowledge of the game.

“Try golf and stick with it” is the message he’s keen to get across while encouraging parents to let their kids play without the pressure of having to win at all costs.

Tom was always a sporty kid but fell in love with golf after a trip to the range with his dad.

His hard work paid dividends when he turned pro off a handicap of plus two and is now the playing professional at Pleasington Golf Club and a member of the EuroPro Tour.

The challenge of golf and the fact there are never two rounds the same is what fuels Tom’s love of the game.

His mission is to spread the word that golf is cool – rather than boring and an old man’s game.

Golf has taken him out of his comfort zone, boosted his confidence and a step-by-step approach is his tip to take on the world.

Warren was introduced to the game by his parents and is a member at Manning Heath Golf and Wine Estate.

As a player with special needs, Warren is a champion of disability golf. His ambition is to win the World Games.

Warren is dedicated to growing the game through his voluntary work and has ambitions to become a PGA professional.

Away from the fairways, Warren’s dogs Taff and Lucky take up a lot of his attention