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Data Protection

Data protection is something that affects everybody in the golfing community. Organisations need to make sure that they comply with all relevant data protection laws, and individuals should be aware of how organisations treat their personal data.

For Individuals

The Information Commissioner’s Office is an independent body set up to uphold data protection laws in the UK. You can find a variety of helpful information and resources on their website.

On the ICO website you can find out about how your data can and should be used by organisations, and what you can do if you believe that an organisation is misusing your data.

As a member of a golf club or a subscriber to England Golf the following types of organisations are likely to hold some personal data about you:

  • Your golf club;
  • The county body that your golf club affiliates to;
  • England Golf;
  • Organisations which run handicap administration software;
  • Organisations which assist clubs and counties with mailing lists.

You have the legal right to know what personal data an organisation holds in relation to you. You also have the right to object to them processing and using your personal data.

You should view the guidance on the ICO website if you have any concerns about data protection. Alternatively, our Governance Team may be able to offer you some guidance. You always have the right to seek legal advice through your own solicitor or through Citizens Advice.

For Clubs and Counties

As an organisation which handles the personal data of individual golfers you will have a number of obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Although the United Kingdom has now left the EU, the GDPR still applies in this country under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018.

You can see our briefing note drafted in conjunction with Mills & Reeve LLP ahead of the GDPR coming into force in May 2018 for information on how data protection laws affect the way you run your organisations and for some practical tips on how you can avoid running into any data protection issues.

England Golf’s Use of Personal Data

As the national governing body for golf, England Golf processes the personal data of its members and club and county officials.

For information regarding how England Golf deals with your personal data on this website, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

For information regarding how England Golf deals with your personal data regarding handicapping and the WHS, please refer to our WHS Privacy Policy.

If you have any concerns about England Golf’s use of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Subject Access Requests

It is a fundamental right under UK data protection laws that an individual (referred to as a ‘Data Subject’) has the right to access a copy of the personal data that an organisation holds relating to them.

For Individuals

If you wish to make a data subject access request, you should contact the Data Protection Officer of the organisation that you wish to make your request to. If they do not have a Data Protection Officer, you should ask the organisation who you should send your request to.

For Clubs and Counties

You should make sure to take every data subject access request seriously. There are strict timescales in place for you to comply with the request, and you have to be open and transparent with individuals about how you treat their personal data.


Data protection can be a complex area, and this page is not intended to give every answer to every scenario or question. Individuals and organisations should review guidance on the ICO website and seek legal advice where necessary.

This page is, however, intended to be a starting point for individuals and organisations. It does not seek to give legal advice. England Golf is not able to give specific legal advice to individuals, clubs or county bodies.