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Who can help you?

Governance Team

Our governance team is responsible for governance at England Golf and handles issues surrounding:

  • safeguarding
  • equality
  • disciplinary matters
  • anti-doping
  • data protection, including subject access requests
  • complaints

Our club support network is here to guide you through improving governance practices at your golf club. 

We’re here to provide tailored support for your club and we can help you facilitate discussions and work through the Club Governance Guide and governance support pack.

This support includes;

  • Review meetings to help you understand your current position and identify areas of improvement
  • Creation of a project plan to help you deliver your vision for the club, with ongoing support until project completion
  • Presentations at a Member’s forum to help raise awareness and improve understanding
  • Help with template role descriptors for key positions
  • Support on the recruitment of board members and their induction into the club management structure

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The governance team liaise with club welfare officers at your club. We provide a national case management system and one-to-one support with safeguarding cases and you should report any concerns to us – whether they’re serious issues or examples of poor practice.

The team manage the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on behalf of golf. We also offer advice on DBS and safe recruitment.

To talk to our governance team, call 01526 351 824, or email: