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Take a business-like approach to running your club

How to improve your governance

Why should you do a Governance review?

Attempting to change your governance at your club can be a daunting and challenging prospect. However, if done well the benefits will significantly outweigh the challenges involved.

Check out the film below to determine if your club needs to undertake a governance review and witness a few of the successes experienced by Berkhamsted Golf Club.

Supporting your club to undertake a governance review

At England Golf we want every club to be successful and the support and resources we offer on governance are all free of charge.

If your club is interested in reviewing your governance, our club support network is available to work through our updated governance guide. This guide provides a blueprint for you to follow with questions included to help you improve.

Please note: this guide and our support is not a replacement for one-to-one support from partners. Neither does it provide specific legal or accountancy guidance.

The new updated Governance Guide covers key topics including:

  • organisational structure & incorporation
  • strategic planning
  • recruiting the right people on your committees

Download Club Governance Guide

We’ve also created a governance pack designed to dovetail with the guide. The pack is broken down into five phases:

  • planning & scoping
  • structure and processes
  • recruitment and role descriptions
  • orientation and volunteer support
  • ongoing and reviewing

Download 2019 Governance Pack

So, whatever stage your club is at, there are templates, resources and guidance to makes the process easier for you.

See governance brought to life…

England Golf and the Golf Course Managers Association recently teamed up to deliver five workshops focused on the Key Principles of Excellent Governance. The sessions were led by industry expert, Kevin Fish, and aimed at helping clubs take their first step towards excellent governance.

This 20-minute film is from one of the workshops and introduces key topics such as:

  • what is club governance?
  • committee set up
  • recruiting the right people with the right skills
  • strategic planning and member satisfaction

The Governance Guide 2.0 was created in partnership with the following organisations:

Wales Golf

Scottish Golf

The R&A