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Everyone should be able to enjoy golf in a safe environment


Everyone should be able to enjoy golf in a safe environment. We all have a responsibility to protect and safeguard children and adults at risk.

Counties Accredited Counties Working Towards
62 0
Accredited Clubs Non-Accredited Clubs
1704 67

The counter above (last update 3 May) shows the latest figures on SafeGolf accreditation. You can also view a full list of SafeGolf accredited clubs on our website.

The SafeGolf accreditation process has been part of the England Golf affiliation process since April 2021. It’s also important to note that county bodies must also achieve SafeGolf accreditation.

To help clubs take the path towards SafeGolf status, we have compiled two key documents:

We have also produced a SafeGolf video which will talk clubs through the accreditation process on a step-by step basis.

SafeGolf accreditation process

Your club or facility must be affiliated to England Golf before you start this process. If you have any queries about affiliating your club to England Golf contact Club Support. You may also want to download the SafeGolf checklist before starting to see a full list of the evidence your club will need to provide during your application.

  1. Fill out the form below to register your affiliated club or facility
  2. You will receive a welcome email from England Golf Club Support providing you with a checklist of requirements and a link to our Resource Hub
  3. Your Club Support Officer will make contact to offer their support as you work through the accreditation
  4. Complete the five main requirements of SafeGolf using the templates provided:
    a. Adopt the required club policies
    b. Appoint a Club Welfare Officer
    c. Ensure DBS checks are obtained for relevant club personnel
    d. Club staff and volunteers to obtain any required qualifications
    e. PGA Professional(s) to be included on PGA SafeGolf Coaches Register
  5. When ready, send your documentation to your Club Support Officer for review

If you get stuck at any stage or want more advice on elements of your application, you can contact your Club Support Officer for more advice.