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How to attract new members and improve retention

Understanding your market

Did you know golf is the fifth largest participation sport in the country?

Around 637,000 players belong to one of our 1800 affiliated clubs and a further 2 million people play golf independently.

To help clubs and facilities attract and retain members, we realised we needed to increase understanding of the golfing market. We need to know what people want from their golfing experience and where we can find potential golfers and new members.

Working with a behavioural research company, we have used the insight gathered to split the golfing market into different segments, helping you to take a more informed approach to your recruitment and retention activity.


Watch our short video to find out what your customers want and need.

Growing your club  

Using data generated from our mapping tool, such as potential profiles and member catchment maps, we offer two different sets of reports: 

Retention Report – do you understand your existing membership?

If you want to keep your members, you need to understand them and what they want from your club.

By providing the postcode and categories for each of your members, you’ll get a report that segments your membership, and an interactive map which plots where they live.

Enhance your retention planning

  • Create a bespoke retention programme for existing members
  • Understand which of your members may be more likely to leave
  • Support the development of new facilities
  • Identify what’s special about your club
  • Establish how far your members travel to use your club
  • Improve engagement by understanding more about your members lifestyle choices
  • Develop a stronger benefits package and better renewal offers

Recruitment Report – are you marketing your club effectively?

Understanding what your local market looks like and the types of potential golfers helps you to promote your club more effectively.

Simply by using the postcode of your club, you will get a report that gives you a breakdown of the local population split into golfing segments… and an interactive map which shows you where they live.

Enhance your retention planning

  • Create a marketing plan to recruit new members
  • Offer new packages to meet the needs of different customers
  • Support the development of new facilities
  • Understand where and how to promote your offers
  • Identify specific geographical areas to target potential customers

To access your report contact your Club Support Officer. They can offer advice and local knowledge to help you get the most out of your reports, and provide input into how to utilise the findings.

Don’t just take our word for it… see below for just a few of the many clubs who have seen a positive impact when using these tools.

Case study - Gloucester GC

How Gloucester Golf Club used Understanding Your Market to transform its fortunes