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How to keep your members returning for another round


New members are not the only goal.

Sometimes it is too easy to focus on attracting new members, but this is not always the best way to increase your membership numbers. It is a commonly known fact that retaining an existing member costs less than acquiring a new one – looking after your current members and reducing the churn rate can lead to less focus on recruitment which is better for your bottom line.

Research shows that converting a new club member into a retained club member is, on average, a 3-year process, and throughout this period there is an increased risk that a member may choose to move on.

Renewal should be a simple decision.

The satisfaction of your members is directly linked to how well you retain. If you remain focused on providing the best experience you can for your members, then retention should look after itself.

Our guide identifies and explains the main steps that should make up your retention process, all of which are key to keeping your members happy and keeping them at your club. By utilising our guidance and extended support, it will allow you to gain a better understanding of who your members are and how to look after them in the best possible way.


Membership Retention Guide

Full version of the retention guide to help you keep more members at your club

Retention Checklist

Complete this easy checklist to better understand your areas of improvement.

Download Retention Checklist

Retention Resource Hub

Retention Resource Hub

Access resources to help you improve membership retention.

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Listen to your members

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