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Digital templates

Here you’ll find a range of digital templates with different designs and messages. These can be easily uploaded to social media, email newsletters or your own website.

All marketing materials are downloadable.

Social media


Social media can be a brilliant way to raise awareness. Use your club’s social media pages to promote what you’re doing. We’ve also provided some tips to get you started.

Top Tips

  • Share and retweet posts from @GetintoGolf
  • Post regularly using templates
  • Keep messages short and snappy
  • Always try to include an image or video
  • Introduce your coaches with a photo and an interesting fact
  • Follow local sports groups and businesses


Banner ads are a great way to grow brand awareness and generate traffic to a specific link or website. Add them on your own website linking to your beginner page.


We know from our insight that many new players know someone who has or is playing the game. Using the email header or footers in your members’ newsletters is a great opportunity and free promotion. You could offer a treat to any members who recommend a new player to Get into Golf session.