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Check that your club is compliant

Our golf traffic/buggy policy

Clubs have a legal responsibility to make sure everyone can access their courses. We’ve got lots of advice to help you manage this.

Making a reasonable adjustment that allows those who cannot play without the use of a buggy to access your course is the main focus of this advice.

It is a combination of the clubs requirements to comply with health and safety legislation, as well as that of the Equality Act 2010.

Whilst this guidance is for clubs, it is available for golf club members to download and discuss with their club.

There are two distinct areas you need to consider – General Play and Competition Play.

General Play


We have put together a guide for clubs on how you and your members can review your existing policy and look to make reasonable adjustments.

Download the ‘How to guide’ for clubs down below.

Competition Play

We want everyone to be able to take part in our competitions and, if you’ve got a medical reason, you can receive permission to use a golf buggy.

You can download our guidance on using buggies for competition and how to manage buggy traffic on your course below.

Have a question about golf traffic or buggy policy?

Our governance team are able to discuss

  • Understanding the legislation that impacts on this area
  • The requirements that the legislation places on clubs
  • The guidance that we have put together

You will need to seek your own independent legal advice when you have reviewed and updated your policy to ensure that it conforms with the legislation in this area.

You can contact the Governance Team via email