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Women and Girls’ Golf Week 2020 is complete!

Our online campaign showcased all that’s good about golf and highlighted the women and girls who contribute so much to our wonderful game.

2020 Women and Girls’ Week stories

You can find all of the stories from Women and Girls’ Golf Week 2020 on our Women and Girls’ Golf Week 2020 Stories feed.

Women and Girls’ Golf Week 2020 Stories


We had a theme for each day which you can find out more about by reading the stories or searching the hashtag #WhyIGolf on social media.

Monday: Careers

We want to promote the diverse range of careers golf has to offer; from the greenkeepers that tended our fairways during lockdown, to the female leaders in their zoom board meetings.

Tuesday: Volunteers

Is there a volunteer who has made a difference by being a welcoming buddy, or have you stepped up to help others?

Wednesday: Health & wellbeing

As we all adapt to the ‘new normal’, physical health is important. Do you play golf to stay fit or has golf helped you manage your mental well-being?

Thursday: Competing

Do you love the competitive side of the game? Have you had any successes since returning from lockdown? A hole-in-one, a winning score?

Friday: Role Models

Who inspired you in golf and why? From the biggest celebrities to your local club heroes and heroines

Saturday: Celebrating newbies

Are you new to golf? And how did you get started? What would you say to others thinking about playing the game? What keeps you coming back?

Sunday: Join the club

In a year of crisis, golfers have united like never before. We have proved we are all in this together – even when socially distanced.