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Delve in detail into the World Handicap System

How WHS works

So how does the World Handicap System work? This page will provide you will all the detailed information to make you an expert on the new changes and help you communicate these to members of your golf club.

World Handicap System Toolkit

The toolkit has been created to help you, the golf clubs, with education your members on the key changes of the new World Handicap System. the toolkit contains over 100 resources for you to use to help you to do this, including; Posters, social media graphics, TV screen graphics, guidance documents, video and presentations. We’ve also created a content plan so you can get involved with the national ‘Know The Score’ campaign which aims to educate everyone on the new Handicap System.


Download WHS Club Toolkit

Key features

Click on the links below to download resources to help learn about the World Handicap System.

What is the WHS?

WHS comes into play on 2nd November 2020 in Great Britain and Ireland and will replace the current CONGU handicapping system.

Why has the WHS been created?

With golf being centred around one standard set of rules governed by The R&A and USGA, it makes sense to unify the previous six different Handicapping systems, making for a more inclusive and equitable sport.

How does the WHS work?

For golfers in England, calculating a new Handicap Index will be front of mind when adopting the WHS.

Handicap Index

Golfers will consider the Handicap Index to be the most important element of the WHS.

Course Handicap

Before any player starts their round they must convert their Handicap Index into a Course Handicap.

Playing Handicap

Playing Handicap is a stroke allowance that is implemented in order to maintain the integrity of the WHS when used in competition.

Slope Rating

Slope Rating is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for Bogey Golfers, compared to Scratch Golfers.

Course Rating

Golf Course Rating will be used to measure the playing difficulty of a golf course.

General Play and Competition rounds

After the completion of a competition round, a player has to submit their scorecard as soon as possible in order for their Handicap Index to be updated.


Discounted Slope Rating Boards – supported by Eagle

The World Handicap System (WHS) is scheduled to come into operation in the UK in November 2020. In simple terms,…

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Educate your members

Using the WHS Resources effectively will help your members become more educated on the WHS and will help you have less queries to deal with. Find out more here.

Educate your members