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The World Handicap System

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Your Handicap Index

Your Handicap Index will be calculated using your best eight from your last 20 scores. From your previous 20 scores the WHS platform will automatically identify your best eight and then your average is calculated to generate your Handicap Index. As you submit a new score your Handicap Index will automatically update to the most recent 20 scores, with your 21st score in the system then disregarded.

Your Handicap Index will update promptly after you submit an acceptable score, almost always at midnight or shortly after, and be ready before the next time you play.

The maximum Handicap Index available for any player is 54. This allows for a fairer representation of all players and their demonstrated ability. Making golf less intimidating for a new golfer and allowing golfers of all abilities to track their progress, means that we can attract more players to our great game.

Course Rating and Slope Rating

Each golf course and their sets of tees will be rated by assessing two sets of challenges:

  • The playing length of the golf course from each set of tees, and;
  • The obstacles that a player will encounter (e.g. size of greens and hazards)

When combined, this  gives a consistent base to compare golfers’ abilities. Each set of tees can then be given a difficulty rating based on the severity of the challenges that a golfer would face during play.

This difficulty rating is called a Slope Rating and it ensures that every golfer, regardless of ability, can play on a fair and equitable basis with fellow golfers.

Under the World Handicap System, Course Rating and Slope Rating means that your Handicap Index can be portable from course to course and country to country. It also enables acceptable scores from any rated golf course in the world to be submitted for Handicap purposes.

Learn how to submit scores using the WHS

Course Handicap

Your Course Handicap is one of the most important pieces of information you need before you play. Using your Handicap Index and the Slope Rating of the tees you are electing to play from, you can easily calculate your Course Handicap for your round.

Calculating your Course Handicap

A Slope Rating Table will be available at every course you play.

You simply have to choose the tees they are playing off that day and cross-reference your Handicap Index on the Slope Rating Table to calculate your Course Handicap. It really is as simple as that – you’re then ready to get out on the course and play!

WHS Launch 2 November 2020

The World Handicap System will come into play later this year and all the work to launch WHS is going on right now behind the scenes. Look out for the posters and other education material that will be available at your golf club soon.

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Video: Course Rating and Slope Rating

Under WHS, every golf course will have both a course and slope rating. Watch this simple video on how these ratings are calculated by qualified teams and how they impact your course handicap.
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Video: Your Handicap Index

Watch this easy to understand video on how the Handicap Index allows for a fair and equitable way of playing golf across all formats.