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Volunteer research with Manchester Metropolitan University

Why do people volunteer?

We’ve joined forces with Manchester Metropolitan University to understand volunteers in golf.

In a recent study, Senior Lecturer in Sport Management, Dr Chris Mackintosh, explored training and education requirements across key roles such as chair, captain and junior organiser.

Research like this is helping us shape the support we offer and helps volunteers have a rewarding experience.

Why do people volunteer?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to give up their time for golf.

Many volunteers tell us they want to give something back to the game or their club. Others say they volunteer because they love the sport and believe in the benefits it offers.

People continue to volunteer because they enjoy their role, the sense of making a difference and the social benefits.

Who are volunteers?

At England Golf, we have found that:

  • Members at clubs volunteer and still find time to play regularly
  • Volunteers are all different ages, but we need to encourage more young people
  • A higher percentage of females volunteer than play golf

Find out how to recruit volunteers at your club.

“This invaluable research partnership has enabled us to develop robust evidence and insight to underpin different ways of working with clubs, volunteers and participants in golf.” – Dr Chris Mackintosh, Senior Lecturer in Sport Management