Update to Essential Maintenance Statement for Greenkeepers

Introduction to Update

The following update (Version 4) to the Essential Maintenance Statement for Golf Courses has been produced in association with BIGGA and is published in view of alteration to Government regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland following those made in England and Wales.

Safe Routine Maintenance Practices for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • Focus on hygiene and social distancing
  • Ensure staff members work separately
  • Allocate individual machinery to one worker only
  • If multiple staff are on site, then stagger working hours and break times
  • Limit or prohibit use of communal areas
  • Regularly disinfect any surface that is contacted e.g. door handles, fuel pumps, communal machinery
  • Ensure there is a robust lone working policy
  • Ensure that golfers and greenkeepers are kept separate from each other and observe social distancing


Updates will be provided as necessary.