#TimeTogether: Judy and Izzy find a happy place through golf

One day last Christmas summed up the beauty of golf for Judy Nickalls and her family.

“It was just lovely,” explained Judy.

“My mum – who is in her 80s now – was able to play nine holes with me and my teenage daughter.

“There’s not many sports where the generations can go out and play together in such a fashion.”

For Judy, who works in investment management, golf was a sport she picked up in her twenties while working in London.

It was then put on hold when her son and daughter were born but is now once again a fixture in her family’s sporting diary with rounds at Close House or Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.

Rather than Judy driving it, though, 14-year-old daughter Isabelle is just as likely to suggest a quick nine holes or a trip to the driving range.

“Izzy’s participation started when she was about six,” added Judy.

“As a working mum, I enrolled her in a golf holiday camp at Close House over the holidays.

“It was a safe environment for her and she got to play with other children on the par three course and at the range and it developed from there.

“I find that we can enjoy a lot of ‘happy’ chat together as mum and daughter” – Judy Nickalls

“I’ve got back into golf and joined a local club and now we can play together.

“The golf club I’ve joined allows dogs on the course. Now myself, Izzy and the dog all head out together for nine holes.

“I find that we can enjoy a lot of ‘happy’ chat together as mum and daughter.”

“It’s so much better than what I’d describe as ‘angry’ chat on the school run when we’re running late and it’s my fault!

“I also find it’s really therapeutic. They say that you can’t fail to feel better after taking the dog for a walk, well I feel the same about playing golf with Izzy.

“It’s a game we can all enjoy as a family. It’s been lovely, for example, on a couple of Boxing Days being able to go out as a family of four with my husband and son also involved.”

Izzy (pictured above) is now on the county golf pathway in her native Northumberland and also involved in a North East Futures programme for girls looking to improve their game and have fun with like-minded teenagers.

“At the start of 2019 her handicap was 33 and now it’s down to around the 18-mark,” added Judy.

“It’ s great being able to watch her progress, make new friends and enjoy herself at the same time.”


  • For more on the #TimeTogether campaign encouraging mums and daughters to share quality time playing the sports they love, check out the Women in Sport website.