#TimeTogether: Golf is a fun, family affair for Williamsons

Tracey and Amelia Williamson’s mum/daughter relationship in golf has taken them all the way from enjoying fun rounds on family holidays to sharing the same stage representing England.

Both agree that this opportunity to spend precious time together on the course, to chat, to compete, to wind down and to share a laugh or two while enjoying great exercise is what has helped create an extra special bond between the two generations.

Mum Tracey was already a keen golfer when 10-year-old Amelia first picked up a club to have a bash.

Soon, her other sporting loves took a backseat and it was full steam ahead on the golf courses around their home in Norfolk.

“There’s not many sports where you’re not running around – and if you were playing tennis, for example, would you have time to chat?” – Tracey Williamson

Earlier this summer Amelia, now 21, and her mum achieved the rare honour of being selected for England and winning their respective categories at the Home Internationals against Wales, Ireland and Scotland staged at Woodhall Spa (main image).

Amelia – a student at Florida State University – struck gold with the women’s squad, while Tracey earned her first cap for England’s seniors.

It was a lovely way for the two women to create yet another special family memory simply down to their love of the same activity.

Tracey explained: “Myself and my husband Mark already played golf and originally Amelia tried other sports such as gymnastics and skiing.

“In the end she came along with me one day aged about 10 and took an interest and it went on from there.

“There’s not many sports where you’re not running around – and if you were playing tennis, for example, would you have time to chat?

“With golf you have time to enjoy that during the game.”

For four years between 2014 and 2017, the Williamsons strengthened their bond by playing in an amazing event for mothers and daughters held at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club.

First played in 1934 at Ranelagh before it switched to its current venue in 1962, the event is a celebration of families and golf.

It’s a mixture of fun and competition with just as many women taking part in order to enjoy precious family time as much as competing with other pairs from all over Britain.

Amelia added: “Although golf can be competitive it’s also a very sociable game.

“Between each shot there’s a lot of time to switch off and chat. That’s what makes it such a good family game – there’s time to talk in that mini break between shots.”

As well as Tracey being able to teach Amelia the basics of the game from an early age and then watching her flourish as a teenager, golf has also created another way for mum and daughter to share precious moments.

Back in May, Tracey won her first national title – the English Women’s Amateur Stroke Play at Hayling Golf Club in Hampshire.

And to add to a wonderful week, daughter Amelia was by Tracey’s side every step of the way acting as caddie and then on hand as the first person to give mum an emotional hug.

“My caddie was very good,” joked Tracey. ‘A calming influence!’

Amelia, though, was just happy to share in her mum’s joy – payback for all the years when mum was cheering on daughter.

“It’s not often I get the chance to do it with me playing so much, but it was nice to see mum play and also quite exciting!”


  • England Golf is proud to support Women in Sport’s #TimeTogether campaign – encouraging mums and daughters to share quality time playing the sports they love. For more, check out the Women in Sport website.