Teleri going from strength to strength on UK Coaching Women’s Programme

England Golf strength and conditioning coach Teleri Hamilton has admitted she feels privileged to take her place on a prestigious women’s programme run by UK Coaching.

Twenty female coaches from 13 sports have been selected to take part in four months of workshops designed to help each participant make progress with their own chosen performance pathway.

Teleri has been involved with England Golf’s regional coaching set-up for eight years and is joined in the programme by coaches from other sports as wide-ranging as athletics, dressage, climbing, judo and volleyball.

For the Newcastle-based coach, the workshops present her with a unique opportunity to learn from other disciplines, a variety of coaches at different stages of their own personal development and then translate new ideas into her own area of expertise.

Teleri said: “I feel quite honoured to have been selected to take part in these workshops.

“I’m the only S&C coach on the course and from my point of view it’s interesting to get the perspective of coaches from sports that I’ve never previously worked with.

“Hopefully this is a two-way street and I am able to offer some insight for others too.”

UK Coaching’s women’s programme started last month and runs until March.

Organisers aim to help coaches explore the type of coach they want to be, the individuals they work with, the environment they create and their coaching practice.

“I’m sure there will be many things from the UK Coaching sessions that I can take into my work with the squad in the months ahead.”

The first session took place online in December and will continue this week with a face-to-face workshop.

Teleri added: “I’m looking forward to meeting the other coaches in person at Loughborough University on Thursday for an all-day session.

“The virtual meeting in December focused on behaviour and personality of coaching and how approaches can differ depending on the situations a coach finds themselves in.

“It was really interesting to see how people approached situations which can be influenced by elements such as stress, pressure and time constraints.”

The programme has been designed to have a strong impact on female coaches by enhancing the following skill sets:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Broader understanding of talent development environments
  • Enhanced coach-athlete interactions
  • Developing reflective practice
  • Developing personal coaching behaviours

Since graduating from Northumbria University with a sport and exercise science degree, Teleri has worked in Canada and back home with sports as varied as netball, rugby and football as well as completing a Masters degree at Edinburgh University.

Now running her own business with two other accredited female coaches and firmly established as a part of the England Golf regional set-up, Teleri admitted that she takes a lot from working with some of the best young golfers in the country and helping them push for national recognition.

“I’ve been involved with England Golf in the north region now for eight years” she added.

“That takes in players from Northumberland, Durham and Cumbria.

“Over that time a number of players, and encouragingly quite a few girls, have come through from our area to play for England.

“This year we have a very young group of players – some as young as 11 and 12 are involved in an under 18 squad.

“But it’s a great opportunity for them and for us as coaches to build up a rapport with them over a number of years

“I’m sure there will be many things from the UK Coaching sessions that I can take into my work with the squad in the months ahead.”