Discounted Slope Rating Boards – supported by Eagle

The World Handicap System (WHS) is scheduled to come into operation in the UK in November 2020. In simple terms, this means that a player’s Course Handicap (number of shots received during a round of golf) will be determined using a Slope Rating for the tees from which they will play. The World Handicap System will be the unification of six different handicap systems around the world into one, single system.

Working closely with England Golf, Eagle has produced a range of products to support clubs with the introduction and operation of the WHS. It is very important to clearly portray and authenticate this extensive handicap data to all golfers before play.

From a simple card design, similar to a regular scorecard, where Course Rating and Slope Rating data can be represented and in turn carried around by golfers in their pocket, through to the larger slope panels that can positioned both inside and outside of golf clubs so that golfers can easily access the relevant handicap information, there is a product here that will support the introduction and function of the WHS.

Through working in partnership, there is a fantastic £40.00 slope panel discount voucher available to all clubs in England that can be redeemed against each panel ordered.

For example, if a club orders two panels, that is £40.00 discount off each panel so a discount total of £80.00 overall. Please note, the voucher only applies to slope panels; vouchers cannot be redeemed against slope golf bag tags, slope cards and scorecards.

Download Eagle WHS Brochure

For any further questions, support or advice, or to place an order, please contact Eagle or Tacit Golf :

Tacit on 01788 568818 or through the website

Eagle on 01883 344244 or through the website