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Deliver a safe environment for golf

Be a SafeGolf county

We want everyone to have a safe, fun experience in golf. That’s why we’ve launched the SafeGolf accreditation for counties.

The SafeGolf accreditation process is designed to enable counties, through easily accessible documents and templates, to ensure they are delivering a safe environment for the sport to be played in.

The SafeGolf accreditation process will become mandatory for counties from January 2021.

SafeGolf accreditation process

You may want to download the SafeGolf checklist before starting to see a full list of the evidence your club will need to provide during your application. In order to achieve SafeGolf accreditation counties need to:

Step 1: Adopt the England Golf Safeguarding policy and procedures template and communicate this to staff and volunteers
Step 2: Ensure appropriate safeguarding procedures are in place
Step 3: Adopt and use the set procedures for the recruitment and deployment of staff and volunteers who work with juniors
Step 4: Appoint a county welfare officer with an appropriate role description and training provided by England Golf
Step 5: Provide appropriate safeguarding and child protection training for staff and volunteers regularly working with children
Step 6: Approve at management level the England Golf Adults at Risk Policy template

Once you have completed the six steps, notify your Partnership Manager. They will review all documentation with the governance team. If any changes are required they will respond to you. If not, or when required changes have been made to your application, you will be sent a letter, certificate and pack.

If you get stuck at any stage or want more advice on elements of your application, you can contact your Partnership Manager for more advice.