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Advice for parents and carers

How can I become more involved in my child’s sport?

Parents play a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting their child’s participation, success and enjoyment when playing golf. It is your right as a parent (or carer) to be able to check how well a golf club is run, for the sake of your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

The Child Protection Sporting Unit (part of the NSPCC) offer a host of information for parents on their website– if you are unsure where to begin, the What to Look for in a Sports Club section is a good place to start.

What should I do if I am concerned about a child’s welfare?

If you are worried that your child, or another child connected with the club, is being abused or put at risk it is crucial that you talk to someone. The idea of speaking out about abuse or poor practice in a club setting can be daunting as you may feel worried about the impact on you and/or the child, but it is imperative that you take action.

All England Golf affiliated clubs must have a Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) who has been DBS-checked and safeguarding-trained. The Club Welfare Officer is there to support you and your child.

Follow the link below for information on how to report a concern:

How to report a concern

I am uncomfortable with the way some parents at the club conduct themselves and worry about the impact this may have on my child. What should I do?

Parental behaviour within golf – for the most part – can be very positive and supportive. Sometimes, however, parental enthusiasm and encouragement can cross the line and (often unintentionally) become detrimental. These behaviours can range from ‘pushy parenting’ through to more extreme examples like becoming verbally and physically aggressive.

Below are the links to our Parents Code of Conduct and our Young Golfers Code of Conduct – it is worth discussing these with your child so that they know what is expected of both participants and supporters.

If you witness unhelpful parental behaviours at the club, it is best to report these to a member of staff. In the case of more serious behaviours – that could be deemed abusive or neglectful – the safeguarding reporting process should be observed.

Parents Code of Conduct Template

Five ‘Top Tips’ for Parents and Carers

  • Add the CWO name and contact details to your phone/notebook – ensure you and your child understand their role.
  • Ask your child what they enjoy about playing – and remember this when supporting them.
  • Agree with your child how you will support and check-in with them to see how they are doing.
  • Ensure you and your child know how to report a concern.
  • Encourage your child to speak to you about anything that worries them, no matter how big or small.