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Get started with golf

Golf really is great game for everyone.

But we also know it can be oh-so-scary for new players. There’s so much to think about from ‘what do I wear’, to ‘will I hit this ball’ and ‘is anyone watching me?’ So here’s some hints and tips to help you get started.


  • Learn to play with a professional coach. Your best mate really won’t cut the mustard
  • Try group lessons, they’re a great way to meet other beginners, make new friends and have a laugh!
  • Get on the practice ground or driving range and groove your new swing
  • Remember that amazing feeling when the ball soars up and away
  • Practice your putting. There’s a lot of truth in the old saying ‘drive for show and putt for dough
  • Find out about golfing etiquette
  • Wear comfortable clothes which are easy to move in
  • Keep a golfing diary – it’s fun to look back on your progress
  • Reward yourself with a coffee or a glass of fizz with your new friends in the 19th!


  • Be put off by a bad shot. The good times are coming!
  • Worry about other people watching your shots. Everyone has to start!
  • Above all, don’t give up!