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Making the game open to all

Modified rules for disabled players

We believe that golf is a game for all. We want to encourage everyone to take part in all our activities and to enter our competitions. That’s why we’ve adopted The R&A’s Modification of the Rules for Golfers with Disabilities.

By using these, disabled golfers can play equitably with able-bodied golfers or golfers with other types of disabilities.

Golfer who require the use of the Modified Rules can play in all England Golf competitions providing they meet the entry criteria. All they have to do is let the Championship team know before the closing date for entries.

Email the Championships team

All clubs and other organisations running competitions can agree to use Modified Rules for disabled players.

Download The R&A’s Modified Rules booklet

Some disabled golfers use equipment and devices that do not conform to the Rules of Golf. The R&A can review these, on a case by case basis, to decide whether their use can be permitted as an exception to the rules.

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