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Golf is about your ability, not disability

An inclusive game for all

We’re often asked “Can I play golf with my impairment?” Our answer is always – absolutely!

There are different formats of the game and equipment you can use.

“Growing the game of golf in England is about growing the game for all. We work with golf clubs to be more inclusive, more accessible and better connected to disabled people in their local community.” – Jamie Blair, England Golf Disability Manager

How we’re putting people before their impairments:

Why play and how to get started

Golf suits a wide range of abilities. Find out more about why it’s good to play and how to get started. England Golf works with golf facilities to become inclusive and accessible to disabled people. We do this to give you the choice of where to start, learn and play golf.

Modified competition rules

Everyone can play in our competitions. Find out how modifications to the rules will help you compete with all.