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What should I know about the programme?

The well-established and successful national junior coaching programme has a proven record of producing major junior winning teams and world-leading professional graduates such as Tommy Fleetwood and Bronte Law.

Each year, the most promising and best performing junior golfers are selected to be part of the National Junior Squads.

Throughout the autumn/winter, players are invited to attend a series of national training camps at the National Golf Performance Centre in Woodhall Spa. Led by a world-class coaching team, players are exposed to new challenges and encouraged to explore development opportunities, while focusing on their continued skill progression based on our five pillars of success.

Expert guidance in strength and conditioning training complement this technical and tactical work, while players also receive a tailored programme of psychological support. Individualised performance lifestyle and competitive scheduling guidance is also ingrained in the programme to help players further optimise their development.

As the coaching year progresses, players may also have the opportunity to attend a warm-weather training camp at our partner resort Quinta Do Lago, and travel to national and international tournaments as part of a squad supported by the national coaching team.

At this level, financial awards become available to support players playing a progressively competitive schedule and accessing additional specialist coaching in line with their personal development plans.

Who’s it for?

Young golfers (under 18 years at midnight on 1 January in the year following squad selection, normally Sep-Dec) who share our desire to improve and perform at the highest level and commit to all the sessions asked of them.

National Junior Squad players should be aiming to contend for major team selections such as boys’ and girls’ Europeans Team Championships and the boys’ and girls’ Home Internationals, as well as pursuing success at national and international individual events.

How do I get involved?

Players have to be invited to join a National Junior Squad – there is no application process. As well as travelling to major junior events to observe players in person, the boys’ and girls’ England Golf selection committees review a combination of performance statistics, relevant competitive results and development progression thus far.

In essence, we are looking for players who work hard, are committed, show potential for further development, have strong fundamental skills in our five focus areas, achieve consistently good results within their age group, and have a great attitude both on and off the course!

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