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What should I know about the programme?

County programmes offer valuable opportunities to learn and develop new skills while training with similar (or better) players.  Coaching activity sits alongside any individual lessons to increase knowledge and understanding around several of our key performance pillars: putting, short game, wedge play, ball flight and strategy.

These fun and engaging sessions also help to create new friendship groups and a lifelong affiliation to the county.

In addition to coaching, representing your county is a great honour where you learn how to perform, compete, and reflect on your experience. These newfound skills help form the foundation of a player’s future development.

Who’s it for?

Every county is slightly different. However, these programmes are for the better players within the county aged generally between 11-18. Many counties also run fun mini-tours or local competitions where you can enjoy playing and learn about the varying opportunities on offer. They can also help you find a golf club and get started in the game.

How do I get involved?

Please visit your local county website for more details on local competitions and coaching opportunities.


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