Cat 1 Password Generator

CONGU do not authorise affiliated golf clubs to make Clause 23 handicap adjustments to members with category 1 handicaps (plus to 5) without the prior authorisation of the County Union. This authorisation should only be given under exceptional circumstances and when a full record of the players scores has been submitted.

When the Handicap Committee has decided that the:

(a) Exact Handicap of a Category 1 player should be reduced, or the

(b) Exact Handicap of a Category 2 player should be reduced into Category 1, or the

(c) Exact Handicap of any player should be increased (subject to any direction made pursuant to Clause 4.5(a) and 23.3(b))

then the Handicap Committee must refer the matter to the Area Authority, with its recommended adjustment. The Area Authority shall then authorise the recommended variation, reject the recommendation or refer the matter back to the Handicap Committee for further consideration. The Area Authority must be supplied with all the information upon which the recommendation is based and with any further information required.

Should an adjustment be approved a password is required. Please click here and enter your password. Then enter the players name in order for a password to be generated. This password will then be inserted into the golf clubs handicapping software when prompted in order for the adjustment to be implemented. 

If the County Union are in any doubt please speak to Gemma Hunter to discuss further.  

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