Participation & Club Support

The Particiption & Club Support team support clubs in all aspects of golf facility management and best practice, through the knowledge and experience within the department, plus an extensive network of golf consultants from industry.

The department works closely with other UK & European organisations eg. R&A, GCMA, BIGGA. NGCAA, CMAE, UKGCOA to ensure qualified and consistent information transfer to club officials through toolkits, templates and workshops, and that golf is represented at national / regional government level.

Examples of support services are as follows;


  • Equality Act
  • EU & UK Pesticide Directive
  • National Water Framework
  • CROW Act & National Coastal Path
  • Environmental Compliance

Business Support

  • VAT Apportionment
  • Community Amateur Sports Club status
  • Appraisal Service – Sustainable business management practices and modern business methodology
  • Marketing – Golf Central / One Golf Network web marketing portal, member retention / recruitment toolkit.

Knowledge Bank

  • Members Benefits Package management
  • England Golf Community – Q&A forum for club officials
  • Health & Safety, Human Resource
  • Discipline & Grievance Policy Golf
  • Handicapping – Online & telephone advice service for club officials
  • Central Database of Handicaps management
  • R&A Amateur Status
  • Course Rating & Standard Scratch Score

Golf Course

  • Greenkeeper Training – Setting education & qualification standards through the Greenkeeper Training Committee.
  • Golf Course Policy & Maintenance - working with industry partners such as BIGGA and the GTC to maintain standards.
  • Research – Green Construction mechanics, Sward Improvement, Waste water management.
  • Ecology & Environment – legislative compliance, carbon auditing and reduction

Contact the Participation & Club Support Department:
Tel: 01526 354500

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