Competitive Coaching



In order to get the most out of your practice it is important to spend the limited time you have constructively improving your golf. Let's be honest, how long does the average golfer actually spend practising? We might as well try and make the most of it!

When we develop training programmes for the England squads we try to make sure that we develop our players to play the game better. This statement holds true for any golfer regardless of ability. 

A model that has been used in many sports is one that was developed by Rod Thorpe and David Bunker at the University of Loughborough in the early to mid-eighties. Thorpe and Bunker called their model Teaching Games For Understanding (TGFU) and the idea is to develop game skills, such as tactics and decision making, at the same time as more technically related skills are developed. Originally used in physical education (PE) the model has been adopted by many sports and it works really well in golf.

The next time you have a spare hour or two that can be used to visit the driving range, take a copy of the 'Long Game Challenge Scorecard' above. Instead of spending 45 minutes beating away at the balls with the same club and your head full of technical swing thoughts, try playing our imaginary 'course on the card'.

Be disciplined, you only get one attempt at each shot! You may wish to use the blank version to design your own challenge and reconfigure the card to reflect the shots you will face on your home course or perhaps use it to prepare for an important competition.

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