Performance Statistics


Your journey of improvement must begin with an analysis of 'Where am I Now?'. 

'What am I good at?'
'What could be improved?'
'How can I make it better?'

These are all exploratory questions that only you can answer. But how can you measure various aspects of your game and how do you monitor improvement?

Most golfers instinctively know which aspects of the game they are good at and which areas give them trouble but it's possible to quantify this by monitoring your Performance Statistics.

Fairways Hit %                        Stroke Average
Greens in Regulation %           Par 3, 4 and 5 Scoring Averages
Putts per Round                        Scrambling %
Putts per Green in Reg             Sand Saves %

A very simple method of collating performance statistics is to record your shots on paper using a card layout. Click on the 'Performance Record' sheet above-right. Just make a note of the location of each shot by marking the card with a dot and the hole number. At the end of your round you'll have a picture of your game that day, where your strengths lie and a distribution of your weak shots. Do you notice any patterns for improvement?

Members of England squads often invest in detailed performance feedback programmes such as those provided by Golf Data Lab. Check out their website by following the link on the right. There is no end to the analysis and improvement that can be achieved by monitoring your performance statistics throughout a season.

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