Understanding Your Market

How well do you know your existing members and visitors and do you know where your future customers are coming from?

In conjunction with a behavioural research company, England Golf has developed nine golfing segments to help you understand what people want and need from their golfing experience and this insight will help you achieve more as a club. 


Understanding your existing members and visitors will not only allow you to improve retention levels, it will also help you identify how to create products and services for potential new customers. 

We have a range of mapping tools that generate the following information;

  • A member profile – this uses a classification system to profile your existing membership
  • A member catchment map – plotting member locations by postcode
  • A population profile - this plots the local population in line with the nine golfing segments
  • A potential profile based on your local demographic

Once you’ve established an improved understanding of your existing members, this information can be used in a number of different ways;

  • informs the retention programme for existing members
  • informs the marketing plan for recruiting new members
  • assists in developing new packages to meet the needs of different customers
  • refines where and how the club promotes their offers
  • identifies specific areas in which to target potential new customers
  • supports the development of new facilities
  • identifies the key purpose and USP of the club

Your Regional Manager has further supporting guidance as well as the local knowledge and experience to help you make the most of these tools, and will be able to provide potential solutions as well as success stories from other clubs.

A full set of reports costs  £250 + VAT and you will be supported by one of our Regional Managers, who will discuss and assist your club in understanding these documents, plus putting the findings into action. Those golf clubs that hold a current and up to date GolfMark accreditation are eligible for a 50% discount on these reports. 

If your club is looking at facility development or re-purposing, then we are also able to provide a detailed planning development report, complete with supporting guidance. Should you require any of these reports or need any further details please contact your Regional Manager who will be able to provide further infromation. 

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