Recognising existing disabled participants

Did you know 70% of the disabled people in England are aged 50+?

Know your current disabled members and understand their wants and needs

  • Do you ask through surveys if your current members have an impairment or a disability?
  • Do you ask new members if they have an impairment or a disability when they sign up?
  • Have you sought the views of disabled people at your club on improvements plans?

Why should you?

  • Improve your knowledge of your members and visitors experience of your facility
  • Give you greater understanding of potential barriers to retention in membership and/or regular play
  • Seek specific input in to future developments from those with an impairment, to ensure they are considered if your planning

Guidance on how to include this question within your current membership forms or in club surveys can be found in the documents section of this page alongside a good practice example of type of questions you should be including to understand the value of your members.

Disabled people will already be participating within your club – a number of impairments are unseen – so you can engage these members to ensure they are getting the best experience

Disability covers a range of conditions, many of which require little or no adaptation to existing coaching or playing opportunities

Example: (survey summary attached in documents section)
A Yorkshire club in its 2016 member’s survey, how well they felt the club catered for disabled golfers and visitors. Whilst this was positive, there were 12% of respondents who felt that it poor or very poor.

  • This has helped the club recognise that although they have built a new accessible toilet that there is still work to do
  • The club have been able to engage the members who expressed concern to identify the issues


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