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CONGU Changes Videos

Following on from the CONGU 2016 Handicapping Changes workshops we delivered earlier in the year, I am pleased to inform that we also now have 4 videos explaining the changes.

Video 1 - This includes an amendment to the golfing year and guidelines regarding preferred lies. The revised manual includes an alteration to competition handicaps and a new format for three-letter identifiers, as well as an increased four ball better ball handicap allowance.

Video 2 - This includes a change to the CSS calculation, a new algorithm introduced for initial handicap allotment and information regarding guidelines around re-activation of a players' handicap. The manual also includes changes to the re-instatement of a handicap status and information about handicapping for golfers with disabilities.

Video 3 - This includes a change to way the 9-hole scores are recorded and exceptional scoring reductions. There is also a new annual review report as well as information regarding continuous handicap reviews.

Video 4 - This includes an explanation of the CONGU Club Handicap.

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