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Handigolf is for physically disabled people who have to be seated to play all golf shots. The game started in in 1988 and is now promoted by the Handigolf Foundation run by volunteers, many of whom are disabled players themselves. The essential electric buggies have been used on prestigious golf courses in the the UK, France, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Austria and Italy.


Specially designed electric buggies are used to transport the golfer and clubs to all parts of the course. Their wide wheels create less ground pressure than a walking golfer with spiked shoes. Swivelling seats allow the golfer to play from any side of the buggy but side saddle shots are most effective. Seat belts are used to secure golfers with low levels of trunk support.

Buggies do cost crica £1800 each, however, members of the Handigolf Foundation can hire one of these buggies from The Handigolf Foundation for between £120 and £320 per year. This includes membership and the essential third party liability insurance. The more you play the cheaper it becomes!

Players use the golf clubs of their choice and have the choice of playing two handed or one handed. It is best to talk to your local PGA professional about this when getting lessons and find out what works best for you.

Tournaments also involve other disabled groups such as amputees and blind golfers as well as playing alongside non disabled players. The European Wheelchair Golf Challenge came to England in 2016 for the first time.

The maximum handicap for a Handigolfer is 54 with competitions having a maximum allowance of 45. Most competitive players soon get to 36 and below. The Royal and Ancient published ‘Modification of the Rules” to take in to account the different playing styles of disabled golfers.

Handigolf Foundation - contact Terry Kirby by email.

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