GolfMark & RangeMark

GolfMark – Club of the Year Award 2016

GolfMark (incorporating Sport England’s Clubmark Award) has now been running since 2006 and England Golf feel it is important to continue to highlight the achievements and hard work undertaken by these awarded facilities.

Working through the GolfMark process is a rewarding task, which requires dedication, enthusiasm and hard work from the golf club. Upon accreditation golf clubs can be confident that they have demonstrated a willingness to work and progress, showing a commitment to developing the game.

England Golf introduced the ‘GolfMark - Club of the Year’ Award in 2008 to recognise those facilities that have shown an outstanding and innovative contribution to junior and beginner golf. The Award examines all clubs that have been awarded on the previous and current system, highlighting those improved dramatically and through the work undertaken have experienced unmistakable benefits to their facility, members and players.

Detailed below is the process for the GolfMark Club of the Year Award. Click the button here to download the application form and to be returned by the 27th November 2015.

Following the application and short listing process, the winning club will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in April 2016 to receive their award.

Club of the Year - Process

  1.  GolfMark clubs are invited to complete the attached application form. 
  2. Applications will only be accepted from golf clubs currently in possession of GolfMark or with an extended award*. If a club is due their review and/or re-assessment it is expected that this is completed before the award ceremony in April 2016.
  3. Applicants should complete all sections of the form provided, ensuring answers are kept within the prescribed word limit – no other documentation is required and/or will be considered.
  4. The Officer that conducted the golf club’s GolfMark assessment should complete the final section of the form and return to the England Golf Participation & Club Support department, see page 2 for details.
  5. Applications must be returned either via email or post by the 27th November 2015. Applications received after this date will not be considered.
  6. England Golf will shortlist applications in advance of a meeting of the selection panel who will judge all shortlisted applications on an individual basis. The final three golf clubs will be visited.
  7. The decision of the selection panel will be final.

    *A number of clubs have award extended due to being unable to re-assess on the previous version of the scheme andwere awaiting the launch of the updated scheme.

GolfMark  has  now been re-launched and updated  to better meet golf club requirements in today’s challenging commercial landscape.

The updated programme will have an increased focus on improving business practices and development while also supporting the delivery of the club priorities within the forthcoming England Golf Strategic Plan 2014-2017. 

GolfMark is a 3 year national accreditation that has been designed to support all golf clubs, however big or small to achieve distinct operating standards in four areas of a club’s business activity;

  • Recruitment & Retention– supporting your club to attract new members and increase the participation of existing members
  • Management & Sustainability– helping to develop your club through practical business planning
  • Coaching & Competitions– enhancing coaching and playing opportunities at your club for all golfers
  • Safeguarding– ensuring your club has appropriate policies and procedures in place

Golf clubs will be asked to meet a number of ‘essential requirements’ in the four areas which are a set of standards which are aligned to Sport England’s Clubmark criteria and will be maintained annually by golf clubs through an annual action plan. Golf clubs will also be able to work on GolfMark ‘High Performing areas’ which are not essential to achieve GolfMark, but are areas which England Golf believe will further benefit a golf clubs operations and support in their future development.

Further information regarding the re-launch will be available shortly.  All clubs  awarded GolfMark on the current scheme will retain their status until they are due for re-assessment.


From 2006 to May 2014, the scheme recognised those clubs which are junior and beginner friendly golf facilities.

  • A national scheme that identified and recognise junior and beginner friendly golf facilities
  • Any golf club affiliated to England Golf could apply to gain the GolfMark Award

The three key areas within the golf club which were assessed are: 

  • Coaching & Playing
  • Club Environment (including sports equity & ethics)
  • Child Protection & Duty of Care

Due to the GolfMark re-launch as detailed above, England Golf are no longer accepting any new registrations for this scheme.  Clubs currently awarded this version of GolfMark will retain their status until they are due re-assessment where they will be asked to re-apply on the new system.

For further details please visit the GolfMark website


RangeMark Review 2015/16

As part of England Golf’s strategy 2014-17 ‘Raising our Game’ we are exploring how to further engage with non-affiliated facilities, to support closer working and to help achieve our key ambitions, particularly around getting more people playing the game and into club membership.  

As part of this process, England Golf will be reviewing the RangeMark scheme which has now been in place since 2008.  The purpose of RangeMark has been to recognise the important role ranges play in introducing adults and juniors to the game, through an accreditation scheme.  This scheme aims to assess and support what provision ranges have in the areas of; participation, environment and child protection. 

As of June 2015, England Golf will be starting a comprehensive review of the RangeMark scheme to determine whether it can contribute to England Golf’s strategy and key priorities.  This will also contribute to England Golf’s wider governance and affiliation review and work around engaging with other non-affiliated facilities. As a result of this England Golf will no longer be awarding RangeMark as of June 2015, whilst the review takes place.

It is intended that England Golf will be in a position to advise on the next steps towards the end of 2015 when we will notify you accordingly of the outcomes from the review.

For a current list of Ranges who are awarded RangeMark please click here

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