Men's County Championship

Trophy presented in 1955 by H. Ryden Esq., MBE, JP

The following must be read in conjunction with the England Golf “General Conditions and Rules”, “Hard Card” and other related policies applicable to all England Golf Championships, all of which can be found at

Conditions of Competition

1. Players’ Eligibility

a) Each player must:

i. be eligible to play in the current year’s Championship of the County for which he is selected for this Championship, and

ii. be a member of an affiliated golf club in the County Union or born in the County and be a member of an affiliated club in another County, and

iii. not have played for another County in representative matches, including friendly matches, during the same calendar year as this Championship, or

iv. if he has moved into England from another country, be resident in England from January 1st of the year of the Championship.

b) Players moving from one County to another

i. Subject to the above Conditions for this Championship and, therefore, with the exception of this Championship, if there is agreement between the County from which the player is moving and the County to which the player is moving, the player may play for his “new” County with immediate effect.

ii. Disagreements/disputes. In case of doubt or in the absence of agreement over eligibility to play for a County in this Championship or in any other County representative match, a County, Counties or Group may seek a decision from the England Golf Championship Committee, whose decision shall be final. In regard to this Championship, the Championship Committee may, of its own volition, make a final decision on eligibility.

2. Qualifying Competition

a) Format. A qualifying competition of 36 holes scratch medal play shall be played in each of England Golf’s four Groups.

b) Group Committees. England Golf shall appoint a member of its Championship Panel to each of the four Group Committees organising the qualifying competitions. All disputes shall be settled by the Group Committee, three to form a quorum, whose decision shall be final.

c) Venues for the qualifying competitions shall be decided by the respective Group Committees.

d) Teams

i. Each County shall enter a team of six players.

ii. Group Committees shall decide when team lists should be submitted for the qualifying competition.

iii. A team may not replace a player for any reason once the sixth player has teed off in the first round.

e) The winning County in each of the four Groups shall qualify for the Championship Finals. All six scores will count in each round. The County returning the lowest aggregate score for both rounds will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the County returning the lowest aggregate score in accordance with England Golf General Condition 15b.

f) Suspension of play. If play is suspended because of adverse weather conditions and it is impracticable to complete 36 holes as scheduled, the winning County shall be decided over 18 holes. If 18 holes have not been completed, play shall be abandoned and another date arranged when play may be over 18 or 36 holes at the discretion of the Group Committee.

3. The Championship Finals

a) The venue for the Championship Finals shall be determined by the Championship Committee and, when possible, shall be selected in rotation:
South-Eastern Group
Northern Group
Midland Group
South-Western Group.

b) Dates for the Championship Finals shall be decided by the Championship Committee.

c) Teams 

i. The County representing each Group shall enter a provisional team of seven players. A list of those players must be notified to the Championship Department 3 weeks before the Championship. The order in which the names are submitted is not of any significance at this stage. The final seven players from which players will be selected must be submitted by the conclusion of the Team Captains meeting on the day proceeding the first days play.

ii. From the players selected, any six may play in the foursomes and any six in the singles of each match.

iii. Team sheets and the order of play for the foursomes matches must be completed and handed into the England Golf staff member as follows:

Day 1: by the conclusion of the Team Captains’ meeting on the day preceding the first day’s play.

Days 2 & 3: Not later than half an hour after the completion of the final game of that County’s match on day 1 or day 2, as appropriate.

The order of play for the singles shall be handed in not less than 30 minutes before they are due to start, or as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last foursome. Failure to submit the order of play for the singles by the required deadline will result in the players named playing in alphabetical order. 

iv. No change in the composition or playing order may be made after the team sheet for the following day’s play has been handed in, except in the case of sudden illness, injury, accident or such other emergency as the Championship Committee shall (in its absolute discretion) consider to constitute sufficient justification.

v. In the event of sudden illness, injury, accident or other emergency reducing a team to less than six players, the Championship Committee may (in its absolute discretion) allow a reserve to be substituted in the team originally selected.

vi. Any player allowed to play as a substitute after the team sheet has been handed in shall be placed in the same position in the playing order, in foursomes and singles play, as the player who is unable to play.

d) Format

i. The Championship shall be played by match play on a “Round Robin” basis over 3 days.

ii. Each day’s play shall have 2 matches each consisting of 3 games of 18 hole foursomes in the morning and 6 games of 18 hole singles in the afternoon.

iii. The order of play shall be as follows:

Day 1: As drawn by the President of England Golf.

Day 2: 1st Match - Match 1 winners from day 1 v Match 2 losers from day 1
2nd Match - Match 2 winners from day 1 v Match 1 losers from day 1
In the event of a halved match, the order of play shall be decided by lot.

Day 3: Complete "Round Robin". The order of play shall be that the team with most match points shall play in Match 2. In the event of equality, the order shall be decided by lot.

iv. No individual game shall continue beyond 18 holes and no further play will be permitted once a game has been decided.

v. Subject to a player’s right to concede a match (“game”) (Rule 2-4), all matches and games shall be played to a conclusion

e) Method of Scoring

i. Match Points: Winning County 2 match points
Halved match 1 match point for each County
Losing County 0 match points

ii. Game Points (each game in each match):
Winning County 1 game point
Halved game ½ game point for each County
Losing County 0 game points

iii. The winning County shall be the County with the highest number of match points. In the event of a tie on match points, the result will be determined by total game points won. If still tied, the result will be determined by the result of the match between the tied Counties. Should there still not be a clear winner, the title shall be shared.

4. Procedure if Course Unplayable

If conditions prevail that may affect the scheduled format the Championship Committee are empowered to make necessary alterations in order to determine an equitable outcome. This may be, but is not restricted to the following:

a) If no play is possible in the morning, matches will be decided on the results of the afternoon singles.

b) If the course is declared unplayable during the morning, the foursomes results of completed games will stand. If play cannot be resumed to permit completion of unfinished games before lunch, the unfinished games will be declared halved and the singles will be played in the afternoon as usual.

c) If the singles cannot be played that afternoon all singles games will be declared halved games.

d) If play is abandoned on a day after completion of the foursomes and while the singles are in progress all singles results of completed games will stand and the state of the match in the unfinished games will determine the result.

e) If the first two days are lost through unplayable conditions the County Finals winners will be decided by one round of medal play. Six members of each team to play one round of 18 holes and the total aggregate score will determine the winner. If there is still a tie then a card count back of the sixth score on the best 9, 6, or 3 holes will decide the winner.

f) If a day(s) play is lost, other than the first two days (see condition 4e), if two or more Counties tie for the Championship the tie will be decided on a countback of individual game points (including halved games). If still tied and the teams have played each other the result will be determined by the result of the match between the tied counties. Should there still not be a clear winner the title shall be shared.

5. Winners and Prizes

The winning County will be responsible for the Trophy and the Champion County Pennant from the time they are presented until they are relinquished. That County will also ensure the Trophy, suitably engraved, is returned together with the Pennant to England Golf in readiness for the following year’s Championship.

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