New look for England Golf regional coaching

Steven Orr

England Golf’s regional coaching system has been revamped to bring greater benefits to talented young players.
From September, the U16 and U18 squads will be merged, creating 10 boys’ and 10 girls’ squads. The change is designed to create a clear pathway which will give the players more contact time and greater continuity with their coaches.

Nigel Edwards, England Golf Performance Director, said: “The regional coaching programme has been developed to give the players greater support and will allow the coaches to provide their support in different forms; individual and group coaching sessions and tournament preparation and attendance.

“We have appointed excellent coaches to take the programme forward and we look forward to supporting the players to achieve their individual goals.”

Players can apply to join the regional programme in July when application forms will be available on the website.

Those eligible to apply include golfers on the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DISE) programme, which is a modified and strengthened continuation of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sport (AASE).

The coaches for the 10 girls’ and 10 boys’ squads have just been appointed and are:

Boys – Andy Paisley, Girls – JJ Vallely

Boys – Steve Robinson, Girls – Andrew Nicholson

North West:
Boys – Peter Barber, Girls – John Watson

West Midlands:
Boys – David Brooks, Girls – Jason Davies

East Midlands:
Boys – Lysa Jones, Girls – Steve Astle

Boys – Chris Jenkins, Girls – Roly Hitchcock

Boys – Matt Antell, Girls – Alex Saary

South East:
Boys – Steven Orr, Girls – Ryan Fenwick

Thames Valley:
Boys – Matthew Woods, Girls – Harry Scott

South West:
Boys – John Jacobs, Girls – Martyn Thompson

Caption: South East boys’ coach Steven Orr makes a coaching point (image copyright Leaderboard Photography)