Modernising the game is all in the name

The women members of Kenwick Park Golf Club in Lincolnshire have taken a small, but significant, step to modernise the game.

They’ve voted to change their name from Kenwick Park Ladies to Kenwick Park Women and are thought to be one of the first clubs in the UK to take this step.

In a statement, the women’s section says: “The vote is much more than a name change. By adopting a modern attitude to language and equality, they (the women members) proved their willingness to continue to promote a more inclusive and forward thinking approach, to current and prospective members.

“There was a real consensus amongst the members, that Kenwick Park should continue an already established drive, towards attracting and welcoming new women and girls, to the game of golf.

“The name change has aligned Kenwick Park Golf Club to the approach taken by the ruling body of England Golf, and brings them into line with men’s golf, where the term ‘gentlemen’s golf’ died a death years ago.”

Elaine Houlton, President of the women’s section, commented, “Exciting times are ahead heralded by the vote and yet in many ways, a gentle easing into change will be the reality.”

It is not the first time Kenwick Park has been a trail blazer. In 1992 when it was opened, it was the first golf club in the area to give women golfers the same seven day playing rights as the men.

England Golf’s strategy, Growing the Game of Golf in England, aims to attract more women and girl to the sport and to modernise the image of the game.

Lauren Spray, England Golf Women and Girls’ Manager, congratulated the Kenwick Park women and said: “This may seem a small step but changes like this make a huge difference to the way the game is seen and make it much more attractive to the women and girls of today.”