Bromley Golf Centre highlights the Express way to play

Bromley Golf Express

Mytime Active’s Bromley Golf Centre in South London is leading the way for the national Golf Express campaign with a brand new look.

It’s just become the first golf complex in the country to be branded as a Golf Express Centre, backing England Golf’s campaign to promote 9-hole golf and shorter formats to busy people and show ‘it’s all the game in half the time.’

The tee markers, flags, and hole cups on the popular 9-hole course all bear the Golf Express logo, while there’s banners and posters at the driving range and in the clubhouse.

The centre has also been featured in a Golf Express video in which players talk about their pleasure in 9-hole golf (click here to view). “9 holes is just enough to help me relax after work,” said Valerian Busby. Sonja Arthur added: “As someone new to the game it’s a great way to build my confidence.”

It all draws attention to short format golf and the advantage of the 9-hole game, which can be played in under two hours and fitted in to a busy lifestyle. Golfers already play over 28,000 9-hole rounds at Bromley each year and that’s expected to rapidly increase as the Golf Express message is driven home.

Abbie Lench, England Golf Head of Club Support, remarked: “We’re delighted to showcase Golf Express at Bromley Golf Centre and to create interest in the 9-hole game within the local community. The time it takes to play can be seen as a barrier but our message is that golf can be easily fitted in to your available leisure time.”

Rob Lucas, Golf Operations Manager, said: “We felt we were the perfect match for the Golf Express brand, not only for shorter format golf on the course, but also by offering 25 ball or 50 ball baskets on the driving range for a quick fix of golf at the customer’s convenience.”

The centre is one of 16 pay and play courses operated by Mytime Active and members are able to play at all of them. Local Mytime Active members are now playing at Bromley to enjoy the shorter format as well as playing  traditional 18-hole courses such as High Elms Golf Club and Orpington Golf Centre, giving customers more options and opportunities to play golf around a busy lifestyle.

It also appeals to the centre’s many multisport users, who play golf as their second sport. Rob added: “Because we have removed any dress code restrictions, these players feel comfortable wearing their normal sports clothing and the relaxed environment really helps us reach new golfers who would otherwise not have a club in their hands.”

He went on: “Based on the positive experience that we have had here with working with England Golf, and what I believe is the future of golf, I would recommend other centres within the group to use the branding and the ethos of relaxed, modern format of the game for the benefit of their communities.”

9 hole green fees at Bromley Golf Centre are £13 midweek  (£9 afternoons) and £16 at weekends (£12 afternoons); 10% discounts are available by registering for a pay and play card. For more information visit: or call the team on 020 8462 7014

Visit the website for 9-hole green fees and other offers to players from courses across the country.