Playing the ball from a divot on the fairway

Golf ball lying next to a replaced divot

A golfer has reached the fairway, but has found their ball lying just in front of a divot.

You are the ref in this golf rules quiz, and the golfer needs your help on the correct ruling.

Click or tap play on the video below to watch the scenario play out, and view three different options.

Rules quiz scenario

A player’s ball lies on the fairway in front of a divot, with some of the replaced turf hanging outside the divot.

The player goes to address the ball, but sees some of the replaced turf interferes with their swing.

Which one of the three options will you make as your ruling?

Ruling Option 1

  • As most of the turf is in the divot, it counts as replaced. The player must play the ball as it lies.

Ruling Option 2

  • The turf has not been replaced correctly, so the player can pick it up.
  • The player must then replace it so it is fully in the divot before taking their shot.

Ruling Option 3

  • As the turf is not fully in the divot, it does not count as replaced, and is a loose impediment.
  • The player can remove the turf before taking their shot.

So what is the correct ruling? Click or tap play on the video below to find out.