Resources to help you get more from the game

Understanding the golf course

Whether you’re a beginner, social golfer, or competitive player, England Golf wants to make sure you have a great experience on the course.

Our resources will help you understand how the course works so you can get more out the game.

They’ll help you understand how the stroke index is created for your course. This tells players about the holes where they receive or give handicap strokes. You can also have a separate stroke index for stableford competitions.

We give hints and tips on setting up forward tees to create a short course. This could be a winner with new golfers, young players and for family fun.

These days many clubs opt for ability tees, instead of the traditional men’s and women’s tees. It means players can choose the course which best suits them and it’s great for family and social golf where everyone can tee off together.

Preferred lies let players clean and place their ball, providing it’s on a closely mown area. They can only be used in winter months and exceptional conditions.

USGA course rating

England Golf and the counties work together to measure the difficulty of each golf course in England using the USGA course rating system.

This system provides a score which the scratch golfer should take in normal conditions. This is known as the Standard Scratch Score (SSS) and is used as a baseline to help calculate all golfers’ handicaps.