Events played from different tees

Mixed golf

In stableford competitions, the relationship between the par and Standard Scratch Score (SSS) determines scoring.

So, when players play from different tees, this relationship may be different for each set of tees.

This results in a different number of stableford points required to ‘play to handicap’ and an adjustment is necessary.

The difference is applied to the players who need the fewest stableford points to play to handicap. This is for competition result purposes only.

For example

  • Men’s course (white tees) SSS 70 Par 71. 37 pts required to play to handicap
  • Ladies’ course (red tees) SSS 73 Par 72. 35 pts required to play to handicap

37pts – 35pts = 2 strokes added to the women’s handicaps prior to the round.