Greener Golf Month

This month we are bringing you information and ideas about how to get more out of sustainability with a weekly e-newsletter, tips and real stories throughout March. 

Together with the Golf Environment Organization (GEO), an international non-profit based here in the UK, England Golf is committed to helping golf build a positive reputation and also helping you strengthen your businesses through sustainability.

Free to access, articles, facesheets and real life case studies will be available on the Greener Golf website throughout March.

Getting Start / Practical Action

We look at where to start and how to implement your sustainability plan.

1. Getting Started
We identify how to get started on making sustainability part of your golf club

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2. Simple Steps
A guide on how to use the OnCourse programme to find simple and practical ways to become more sustainable

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3. Who's Responsible?
Making sustainability a part of the golf club is more than one persons job

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4. Practical Actions
Sustainability is more than asking the right questions, find some practical tips on where to start in this article

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What is sustainability and why is it important?

We look at why sustainability should be on the agenda at your golf club.

1. Why all the Fuss?
We look at why sustainability is important and why it shouldn't be as daunting as you might think.

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2. Golf's Golden Goose
Many clubs are looking for new ways to meet the financial pressures of the economic turndown. We look at why a sustainable approach can create efficiency savings and create new revenue streams.

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3. Building Reputation
Sustainability is something that can be a real point of pride and distinction. Embracing sustainability can really enhance your overall product.

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4. Five Myths of Sustainable Golf
On the face of it sustainability can look daunting, here we dispel five common myths.

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The download section contains easy-to-read factsheets on energy efficiency and renewable technologies.