Golf Foundation contributes to social impacts of Birmingham city holiday scheme

A young girl hitting a ball at the Golf Foundation's festival in Birmingham

The Golf Foundation was part of a summer initiative that helped reduce antisocial behaviour, boosted confidence and prevented social isolation for young people, as reported at a feedback conference for ‘Bring it on Brum’.

The Golf Foundation team were welcomed to the feedback conference for Bring it on Brum this week, after golf proved to be a hit with youngsters from different backgrounds across Birmingham this summer.

Watching our golf session on screen as a key part of a city community video suggests we are finding new ways to reach children from all cultures through golf.

This was attended by people from the city’s Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) programme, including charities, sport and activity and art/craft providers, educationalists and nutrition experts, who created a comprehensive project for young children in the area with Birmingham City Council.

Conference feedback included highly positive views from parents about Bring it on Brum in Birmingham.

In a survey, 95% of parents who were asked said they would very likely to send their children to Bring it on Brum (BoB) if it takes place in 2022; 81.3% thought that BoB prevented social isolation of their youngsters; 76% believed the scheme boosted confidence, while 73% thought that BoB kept young people clear of antisocial behaviour in the holidays.

The meeting was held at Edgbaston cricket ground, a stone’s throw from Cannon Hill Park where the Golf Foundation’s Tom Sparks and Paul Aitkens ran an action-packed golf festival for 90 youngsters from all backgrounds who had been introduced to the sport over the summer through the programme.

Tom said: “This reflection event at Edgbaston really brought home the impact that the broader Holiday Activity & Food programme has had on so many families in Birmingham.

“We were delighted to see how valued golf has been as one of the core sporting activities, supporting this city-wide effort to keep kids active, healthy and happy.

“It was great to bring golf to these youngsters through the training of volunteers from 16 organisations and also at the wonderful festival in Cannon Hill Park.

“Watching our golf session on screen as a key part of a city community video suggests we are finding new ways to reach children from all cultures through golf. This has to be something to build on.”

Backed by The R&A, the Foundation is pleased that its HSBC Golf Roots programme has played a part in a positive city programme, something it is working to replicate elsewhere with its partners.

Tom added: “Thanks to support from The R&A, we are able to offer this golf experience to a whole new audience of young people in Birmingham with our partner StreetGames.

“A huge thanks also to the volunteers and our partners from the city council and finally all the Birmingham youngsters and their community groups who tried golf with a smile and a laugh, children who help to make our work as a charity so worthwhile.”

Photo credit: Matt Greaves