Golf bodies welcome restriction easing

Following updated lockdown guidance from the Government, to be implemented on 4 July, golf bodies in England have welcomed the changes but have made clear they remain vigilant as golfers and staff begin to return to play and work.

As part of its regular series of meetings with golf bodies, The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf met immediately after the Prime Minister’s Statement on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming changes and their implementation, as well as how the industry is responding to current Government regulation.

Speaking on behalf of the Group, its Chairman – Member of Parliament for North Warwickshire – Craig Tracey said: “Golf as an industry worked hard to be one of the first sports to resume as restrictions were lifted.  All industry bodies involved in the Group have worked closely together to ensure adherence to lockdown rules have been implemented, sharing their experience to ensure golfers, club staff, and the wider industry, have returned securely.

“The feedback we have received is that golfers have returned to the sport with enthusiasm, and did so complying to social distancing rules.  Those who have been working should be praised for their part in ensuring that smooth transition and are confident the easing of restrictions will be no different.”

On the timing of the relaxed rules, Tracey added: “For those of us in England, we have been given time to consider the new rules which should be used to consider the implications fully and put in place the necessary steps the sport needs to continue to rebound quickly and – above all – safely.”

England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson said “The work done by those involved in golf during lockdown has been tremendous and that has enabled us to respond quickly and decisively.  Like all, we welcome the safe easing of restrictions and look forward to welcoming back even more people – players and staff – to golf.  That we have been given time to prepare the changes and the way in which the guidance has been presented is very helpful to clubs, shops and the wider industry.”

Rob Maxfield, CEO of The PGA, said “Golf professionals have been working incredibly hard in recent weeks since golf returned and with restrictions easing, we hope to see more people getting to clubs throughout England and the UK.  We will encourage our members to review the updated guidance and put in place the steps they need to ensure people can back onto courses as soon as possible.”