Hungry to improve? Eat for performance!

New year, new you. It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with in January as we look to recover from the holiday excesses.

But what should we nibble on and sip before, during and after a round to improve our chances of a better score?

England Golf performance coaches were treated to a seminar from leading world expert, Graeme Close, senior lecturer in sports nutrition at Liverpool’s John Moores University, last month.

Coaches started to introduce some of his ideas during a warm weather training camp with the men’s squad at Quinta Do Lago and will pass on the information to all the England players for the 2020 season.

Why not try it for yourself? It’s not just for elite amateurs.

Taking on board the right fuel will help power your engine and boost your chances of finishing a round with a flourish.



Omelettes, porridge, muesli, granola, bread with spreads and fruit and berries don’t sit too heavy, stop hunger and give slow release of energy.


During a round

Employ a simple strategy.

Drinks – it’s vital to stay hydrated. Did you know you should replace 150% of the fluids lost to stay hydrated? Sip water on every hole. Keep the water bottle visible in a pouch on your bag to encourage regular sips. Think about a drink featuring one-third pineapple juice, two-thirds water and a pinch of salt to replace vital electrolytes.


Food – a four-point plan

  • 4th hole – muesli bar/banana bread for vital carbs and energy release
  • 8th hole – chicken wrap is perfect for protein to help muscle regeneration
  • 12th hole – nuts/seeds for vital protein and healthy fats
  • 16th hole – banana for that final energy boost



Here the idea is to rehydrate, repair and replenish. Try a protein smoothie infused with milk or Greek yoghurt and berries.