England women seniors beat Wales

England seniors

England beat Wales 6-2 on the final day of the Senior Home Internationals at Elie and Earlsferry, Scotland, but were unable to dent Ireland’s progress to the title.

The Irish team – bronze medallists at the European team championships – became Home Internationals champions for the first time when they defeated Scotland 7-1. It gave them a 100 per cent record of three wins from three matches.

England, the defending champions, finished runners-up. They ended the week with a convincing win over Wales, winning the foursomes 2-1 and the singles 4-1.

English senior champion Chris Quinn scored her fourth win of the week and was followed by other singles successes from Felicity Christine, Amanda Mayne – who had been two down after 10 – and Caroline Berry.


Ann Lewis & Vicki Thomas lost to Janet Melville (Sherwood Forest) & Felicity Christine (Banstead Downs) 1 down
Olwen Davies & Patricia Fernon lost to Chris Quinn (Hockley) & Caroline Berry (Bromborough) 4/3
Jane Rees & Denise  Richards beat Barbara Laird (Sandiway) & Roz Adams (Addington Court Ladies’) 1 up

Lewis lost to Quinn 3/2
Rees bt Melville 4/2
Christine Harries lost to Amanda Mayne (Saltford) 1 down
Thomas lost to Christine 4/2
Richards lost to Berry 3/2     

Final placings
Ireland 3pt
England 2pt
Scotland 1pt
Wales 0pt

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England women seniors beat Scotland

04 October 2012

England bounced back at the Senior Home Internationals at Elie & Earlsferry yesterday with a  6½-1½ win over the hosts, Scotland.

In the day’s other match Ireland beat Wales 5-3 and are the only team going in to the final day with a 100 per cent record. Today they play Scotland, while England play Wales.

England, who were beaten by Ireland on the opening day, laid the foundations for their success against Scotland with a 2-1 foursomes win. Then they produced an excellent singles performance, winning four and halving one.

They proved particularly strong over the closing stages: of the five singles, three went to the 18th green and the two others ended at the 17th.

English senior champion Chris Quinn put England ahead 3-1 with her win in the lead-off singles. Then, Caroline Berry ensured that England could not be beaten by delivering the fourth point.

Barbara Laird, who had been four down after eight, battled back to all square after 16 and went on to deliver the necessary half point for the team’s victory.

Felicity Christine added her point after a match of two halves. Christine won five holes in a row from the third and was five up after 10. Then her opponent took over the driving seat, winning the 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th to be one down with three to play. Christine held the Scot at bay by halving the last three holes.

Roz Adams beat Mary Smith by two holes after leading for the first time at the 17th and also winning the 18th.

England scores
Chris Quinn (Hockley) & Amanda Mayne (Saltford) lost to Lorna Bennett & Fiona de Vries 5/4
Roz Adams (Addington Court Ladies) & Barbara Laird (Sandiway) beat Mary Smith & Anne Ryan 1 up
Janet Melville (Sherwood Forest) & Felicity Christine (Banstead Downs) beat Heather Anderson & Alison Bartlett 2 up

Quinn beat Bartlett 2/1
Berry beat Bennett 2/1
Christine beat de Vries 1 up
Laird halved with Anderson
Adams beat Smith 2 up
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England women seniors lose to Ireland

02 October 2012

Defending champions England were beaten 6-2 by Ireland on the opening day of the women’s Senior Home Internationals at Elie and Earlsferry, Scotland.

Ireland, the bronze medallists at the European team championship, won all three morning foursomes and captured three of the five singles. Only English senior champion Chris Quinn and former titleholder Caroline Berry won their matches.

Chris Quinn scored a notable 4 and 2 win over Irish senior champion Helen Jones, winning five holes to her opponent’s one.

Caroline Berry staged a grandstand finish by winning the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th for a come-from-behind win against Pat Doran.


Chris Quinn (Hockley) & Amanda Mayne (Saltford) lost to Helen Jones & Pat Doran 1 down
Janet Melville (Sherwood Forest) & Felicity Christine (Banstead Downs) lost to Sheena McElroy & Carol Wickham 5/4
Caroline Berry (Bromborough) & Roz Adams (Addington Court Ladies’) lost to Suzanne Corcoran & Gertie McMullen 4/2

Quinn beat Jones 4/2
Melville lost to McElroy 4/2
Mayne lost to Wickham 3/2
Barbara Laird (Sandiway) lost to Corcoran 6/4
Berry beat Doran 2 up

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