England Golf launch new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Framework

England Golf has today launched its new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Framework to help tackle inequalities and support the continued growth of the game in this country.

The framework will allow stakeholders in clubs and counties to work more closely with the national governing body, guided by a set of common principles, to ensure that everyone who wants to participate in golf has the opportunity to do so.

The commitments in the framework are in line with England Golf’s four main principles as set out within the ‘Course Planner’ (strategic direction 2021-25) and the key pledge to deliver a more inclusive and accessible sport.

Our mission statement reads as follows:

England Golf passionately believes that golf belongs to everyone. All who play, and all who aspire to play, must have an equal opportunity to do so.

By listening to underrepresented voices, we will strive to positively affect everyone’s experience of our sport.

There is no place in golf for any form of discrimination.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Framework is built on three key pillars:

• Everyone is treated fairly so they may enjoy all aspects of golf (Equality)

• Everyone is recognised and can see themselves and be seen in golf (Diversity)

• Everyone is welcomed and feels that they belong in golf (Inclusion)

Click here to read the full version of England Golf’s ED&I Framework

The framework provides a clear direction of travel for England Golf and its stakeholders with an acknowledgement that the good work already underway must continue, accelerate in pace and widen in its reach.

England Golf CEO, Jeremy Tomlinson, said: ”I’m proud to commit to our guiding principles and positive actions designed to make golf more inclusive.

“We would love for new golfers to be drawn to golf from all backgrounds, more positively reflecting the vibrant and diverse society we live in.

“By working together in golf, we are determined to positively affect change.”

Wasim Haq, senior independent director at England Golf, added: “In our drive to make our sport more inclusive, we will reach out to those under-represented groups who, right now, feel that golf is someone else’s game.

“Golf must keep moving with the times and make sure it holds real relevance in a modern, progressive society.

“I’m excited to be a part of this positive action plan promoting real change in our game.”